CFT Concepts s’allie à Drone Aero Services pour proposer des prises de vue hors norme

Dans le cadre d’un partenariat avec Drone Aero Services (DAS), CFT Concepts est désormais en mesure de proposer à ses clients des tournages et prises de vue realisés à l’aide de drones aériens. Ces drones, d’une maniabilité exceptionnelle, permettent de réaliser facilement des prises de vue aériennes de proximité à un coût très nettement inférieur à celui d’un hélicoptère classique. Utiles notamment pour des vues aériennes de bâtiments, de sites ou de spectacles, pour des inspections de maintenance sur des équipements difficilement accessibles, ou encore pour le comptage des foules, les drones font partie des nouvelles technologies qui viennent completer l’arsenal de la production audiovisuelle.

DAS est notamment le seul prestataire sur le Sud de la France à disposer d’une autorisation permanente de vol et d’une équipe technique comprenant des pilotes militaires confirmés. Elle est donc en mesure de garantir le plus haut niveau de sécurité et un intervention dans les meilleurs délais.

CFT Concepts  assure un role de conseil créatif, de montage et de post-production sur les réalisations communes avec DAS.

Pour tout renseignement, merci de contacter


Specialist help with creative services for wireless companies

For companies in the hitech arena, specifically the wireless industry, it’s often difficult to find a design house or copywriter that fully understands the technical jargon and concepts of the business. They can easily spend too much time reworking communications material because the supplier simply doesn’t know the wireless business well enough to provide the right copy the first time round.

That’s where CFT Concepts can provide a focused solution. With over 15 years experience of the wireless industry at the highest level, working for companies like Texas Instruments, ETSI and Buzzinbees, CFT Concepts is familiar with the technical concepts and terminology that companies in the wireless industry use every day. We also have a broad knowledge of different product areas, from semiconductors to end technologies such as short distance communication protocols.

Combined with extensive experience in creative services that spans copy, layout and video, CFT Concepts can provide immediate, specialist communication support to any company in the wireless arena – whether it’s a startup or established industry leader.

With a creative consultant that understands the jargon of your wireless world, you can save valuable time and effort with your company communication projects and focus more on developing even better technology and growing your business.

Talk to someone who speaks your language – talk to us.

Consult CFT Concepts on your next company communication or marcom project, call us on +44 207 100 4599 or +33 493 12 16 93, or email


Need help managing your email campaigns?

Look no further – we can provide campaign design, creation, distribution and list management at highly competitive rates, so you can concentrate on other valuable tasks. You can tailor our service to meet your precise needs, either one-off or ongoing: from a single email to multiple campaigns and a growing list of subscribers. We’ll manage your list for you, keeping track of unsubscribes and allowing new members to join via a customised web page. We’ll provide comprehensive reports on who opened, who clicked and even which links were clicked, so you can adapt and improve your content to maximise your return on investment.

We’re offering two months free list management, so there’s never been a better time to check out the details and contact us now for a personalized quote.

Got your story(board)?

There’s nothing easier than making a quick video to plus into your website or presentations, is there?

Or is there?

In fact, making a video that’s going to do justice to both your message and your company isn’t quite that easy. And the single most important part of your video actually comes before you even start filming anything at all – the storyboard.

For those of you who now what a storyboard is, maybe you don’t need this advice. But for those of you who don’t or want to know more, read on.

A storyboard can come in varying degrees of complexity, from a simple outline to a full-blown set of hand-drawn animation sheets, but it’s purpose is always the same: to tell the film crew exactly what they’re going to film and how it’s going to be stitched together to form the final video or movie product. It’s like a blueprint for the video that everyone involved in the production process will work from, and gives the video it’s subject, content, storyline and soul.

However simple you may think your video may be, you still need a storyboard. It’s the only way you can be sure that you’re going to film everything you need (yes, it’s easy to forget to shoot something you’ll find out you want later on) and the only way you can be sure that it’s all going to fit together coherently. In its simplest form, the story board outlines what’s going to be on screen in each ‘scene’, what’s going to be said either by the voice over or the people on screen at the time, and any captions or animations that need to be included in the scene. It breaks up your video into small, manageable and editable sections that give you the flexibility and insight to do the job properly and end up with the best product you can. If you haven’t got your storyboard ready, don’t start filming – would you set off on a long trek without a map or try a new recipe without the list of ingredients?

It’s worth taking the time to organize your video’s key elements and structure with a storyboard, and you’ll really see the difference if you do.

If you’d like help with thinking through the content and structure of your video project, however big or small, contact CFT Concepts on +33 (0)6 15 38  80 92 or


Get our free self-service communications evaluation tool

Ever wondered how your company is performing against objective benchmarks and best practices in enterprise communication? Well now’s your chance, as CFT Concepts has launched a free tool on our website that you can download and use to gauge your performance or just identify some of the key components of effective communication that you might be missing.

You can download the tool here

CFT Concepts launches new Insight service for interactive online training and presentations

Insight is a new service offered by CFT Concepts that allows companies and training organizations to create a comprehensive new, interactive online package for training or standalone presentations. Its main advantage is that it leverages any and all existing material in many different formats to create a single package that can be distributed online or on a CD.

With Insight, companies and training organizations can save considerable time and money by handing over the entire production process to CFT Concepts, who will create or re-purpose multi-format material into a simple, effective package. Material can include webinars, video, slides, notes, audio and animations, as well as questionnaires to test understanding that provide automatic feedback to both the participant and the organizer.

For more information, please see our online video.

CFT Concepts Choose Acquire To Promote Midi-Pyrénées In Barcelona

Anglo-French creative services agency CFT Concepts selected Acquire as the platform around which they would build an interactive project for Région Midi-Pyrénées, France. The project was displayed on a 23-inch interactive touch screen at the Saló Internacional de Turisme a Catalunya – SITC, in Barcelona from 7-10 April.

View PR on Acquire site

Visual vibes for captivating communication

Everybody’s doing it – are you? Catch your audience’s eye with a snappy video, get your message across in the bat of an eyelid and ride the wave of viral communication.
You can communicate practically anything with a short video that’s fun to make and fun to watch. That’s why everybody’s doing it.
Digitize your CEO’s keynote, demonstrate those fantastic product features, challenge your sales team, celebrate your successes… the list goes on. Yet there’s more to creating a punchy video than you may think.
First of all, it takes more than a little thought and preparation. Perhaps the most important step of all is planning exactly what you want to say, what you’re going to say and what you’re going to show on screen while you’re saying it. If you miss a moment, it’s gone, there’s no second chance, so you’d better make sure all the critical elements of your video are on paper up front, so that when it’s time to film, you don’t miss a shot.
Stay tuned for some useful tips on honing your video planning skills soon. Or of course you can just call us and we’ll help you out 🙂

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